Sunday, October 16, 2016


now it's getting personal.

Last week we reviewed the budget and made strategic choices about ways to make our stash last longer.  My goal is to not dip into savings.

A big question hovers over us; how long can we stretch what we have available?  It means we left a few budget categories blank and reduced the dispersement for the ones that remain.

I was basically okay with all the adjustments, until we hit the line item we call 'family cash'. This is just a bit of running money/allowance/fun money/personal cash that we allocate for each of us with each paycheck.

We left the kids amount untouched, but Steve and I decided that we would take a cut.  Ouch!  It's only $20 less for each of us per month - but still. This monthly cash is my coffee money, saving-up-for-big-items money, i-just-want-some-new-clothes money.  You get the idea.

In light of our current situation, we couldn't justify keeping the same level of personal cash.  I'm trying to use this jolt as further motivation to keep moving forward in building a new plan.

[Mental note: deprivation is not my preferred method of motivation.]

*FOMO = fear of missing out

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