Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It wasn't my first choice to change focus of this blog.

I have been working to "find my voice" over the years since I began writing here.  It hasn't ever felt as authentic as I wanted.  More like I was taking on a role each time I posted.

This current thread is not what I was hoping for.  This topic is not the space where I wanted to be an expert.

I always thought we'd grow past the need to be frugal.  That maybe we'd still maintain most of the habits just for fun, even when we not longer needed to watch every penny.  That was my first mistake.  I got complacent.  Over the past 4 years, we've been living on auto-pilot and not paying enough attention to creating additional streams of income.  Now we've lost a job.  We got sent backwards in the game of life and are going to have to lose a turn.  I don't like this game.

I can walk across my home to a shelf in the office that holds these titles:

  • The Tightwad Gazette I, II and III
  • How to Live on Nothing
  • The American Frugal Housewife
  • Home Life in Colonial Days
  • The Zero Waste Home
  • PLUS various titles on gardening/ bike maintenance / house maintenance and other DIY topics.
I  also have binders full of articles and notes from back when we were trying to pay off over $40K in credit card debt. 

Still, this is not where I wanted to park myself and be a voice.  I'd much rather write about fitness and nutrition.  Which actually do intersect with the concepts of frugality and stewardship.  Taking care of personal health through the basic tenets of sleep . eat . move . pray - is the ultimate simplicity and internal frugality.  A frugal lifestyle is not only about externals. In fact, the externals work better if the internals are resolved first.  At times, it seems the external details are born out of the internal factors.

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