Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday. Words.

"What is essential is invisible to the eye. " - the little prince

I can feel old ideas melting off my mind.  With each passing day, my priorities shift | adjust | refine.

I am growing content within this dim place of uncertainty.  It seems that I've had everything I need, all this time.

I have love - for my people, from my people.
I have health and strength, in body and mind.
I have a safe place to live.
I have deep, restoring sleep. Every night.
I have good food to eat.
I have a community of friends.
I have books to read that feed my mind and soul.
I have music to listen to and brighten my spirit.
I am not alone.

The only fear that tries to nag me, comes from thinking beyond today.  Fretting over what ifs.  Those what ifs have always been there.  They only feel greater now that we don't have a steady income stream.  

So where has my trust been anchored all these years?  In a job? That's pretty shallow.  In money? That's so fleeting.  Each day seems to be carrying me closer to reckoning with where I place my trust.

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