Tuesday, December 29, 2015


So this happened...
On a lark, I applied for sponsorship with Honey Stinger earlier this year.  I really didn't expect to be accepted.  After all,  I'm just an ordinary, forty-something-age-group athlete.  But I couldn't be more excited to have a brand to identify with.  I primarily used Honey Stinger products during my fall marathon training season.  The honey gel packs were a great change from the pudding-like gels I had used before. I much prefer using real food to fuel rather than glucose. The honey is easier on my stomach too.
I am looking forward to next year, and what this first try at sponsorship may yield.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On Running My First Marathon

I ran my first marathon in November of 2013.  Recently, I was asked to write about that experience.  That essay was published here.

Now I have completed 5 full marathons.  The truth is, I am an unlikely athlete.  Every time I run I defy the habits of a past version of myself.  It's a humbling reality. I am grateful.