Thursday, June 4, 2015

preparing to repair

This week we are replacing the roof on our house.  The roof was old when we moved in. After living here nearly eighteen years, it's past the preferred time to get this done. There are actually two layers of roof to deal with.  The original cedar shake roof from 1940 is under the composite roof that is who-knows-how-old.  Since they'll have to take off both old layers of roof, the attic will be exposed once those cedar shakes are removed.  There is no decking under them, only a slatted frame.  This means, that part of preparing for the work crew was to empty the attic.

Last night, we unloaded everything from the attic and stacked it in the dining room.  Many things had been discarded a couple years ago in one of my aggressive de-cluttering and craigslisting sprees. Many things still remain.  It's going to be a big job to sort and discard from this bundle of boxes - but we have all agreed that most of it needs to go.

I was inspired to re-read, or rather re-listen to, the [audio] book by Marie Kondo called, the life-changing magic of tidying up.  Taking everything out of the attic is pushing my 'tidying up' to a much deeper level than just superficial de-cluttering.  I have a hope that one day, I'll only own what I actually need and use.  I remember as a young girl thinking to myself, "I only need what I can carry". It's doubtful I'll ever get that streamlined.  But, I still do long to pare down and live with minimal possessions.  I want my life to be more about being with people, about creating, about doing, about going.  Having just doesn't interest me like it once did.

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